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White beaches and turquoise sea, villages carved into the rocks, parks and castles perched atop silent mountains, Basilicata seems like an enchanted country. This region offers visitors an incredibly wide range of excursions, art and history: its past is rooted in prehistoric times and the many cave churches bear witness to this.

Local art, cuisine and folklore are rich in different influences, due to the numerous dominations this region has undergone: from the Greeks to the Normans to the Aragonese. But what is most striking about Basilicata is the beauty of its lush, luxuriant and, in some areas, unspoilt nature.

The small villages on the hills seem to be perfectly in tune with the landscape, so much so that sometimes it seems as if you are looking at a painting. Maybe it is because of the lights, maybe because the people here are hospitable and overwhelming, but you fall in love with Basilicata.

The capital of Basilicata, Potenza, stands on the Apennine ridge to the north of the Lucanian Dolomites; the oldest part of the town is on top of a hill, while the modern part was built at the foot of it. The urban core of the capital is of Bourbon origin and can be recognised by the narrow streets built to dampen the wind in these areas. While Potenza is the capital, Matera is certainly the best known city in the whole of Lucania. The city of the Sassi, chosen as European Capital of Culture 2019, is a small jewel carved into the mountains, where time seems to have stopped. To savour the true spirit of Basilicata, it is essential to visit the smaller towns. Starting from Craco Vecchia, the little Pompeii of Basilicata, a charming ghost town (completely uninhabited since 1963 when, following a major landslide, the inhabitants were forced to move), of medieval origin, has remained unchanged over time.


Itinerari di Charme & relax

  • Fuga romantica

    Wekend romantici, dolci e raffinate emozioni, momenti di autentica poesia, luoghi incantati, cene romantiche, rilassanti beauty farm, dall'esperienza di chi ha fatto dell'Arte dell'Ospitalità un modo di essere.

    Weekend romantico
  • Benessere

    Lasciati cullare dalle dolci attenzioni di professionisti del benessere, nell'intima atmosfera di eleganti Spa riservate ai pochi Ospiti di esclusivi boutique hotel.

    Weekend benessere
  • Gourmet

    Concediti un'esperienza enogostronomica d'autore, un viaggio attraverso i profumi ed i sapori della tradizione della Cucina Italiana reinterpretati in chiave gourmet da grandi Chef

    Weekend Gourmet
  • Mare

    Riscoprire il suono ed il profumo del mare in eleganti boutique hotel, dove trascorrere le proprie vacanze in pieno relax

    Weekend al mare
  • Montagna

    L'intima atmosfera di esclusive baite ed eleganti chalet di montagna per un'indimenticabile settimana bianca o per rigeneranti soggiorni estivi

    Weekend in montagna
  • Lago

    I laghi italiani offrono scenari naturali incontaminati, borghi incantati e tradizioni enogastronomiche secolari per soggiorni di totale relax.

    Weekend al lago
  • Dimore storiche

    Vivere l'esperienza di soggiornare in castelli, relais, antiche abbazie, monasteri, oggi adattati in boutique hotel per weekend da mille e una notte

    Weekend in Dimore storiche
  • Natura

    Parchi naturali, arcipelaghi incontaminati, oasi naturali, location per soggiorni immersi nella natura alla riscoperta del tempo e dello spazio

    Weekend nella natura
  • Città d'Arte

    Eleganti boutique hotel dove soggiornare per visitare le più belle città d'arte italiane e stupirsi nella scoperta di affascinanti piccoli borghi storici

    Weekend in città d'arte

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